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Most devs consider that selling a B2B software package means showing an online video demo of the package, at least in its basic elements.

I challenge this view.

I believe many software demos invite more & more questions, instead of delivering clear answers & decisions.

And answers & decisions are what’s needed to close a deal, or win a lead, or book a personal demo, webinar, or download, or take up free trial subscription etc.

This is because closing a deal uses a different part of the brain

– compared to the brain area that’s triggered by a demo.

And this is why online software demonstrations often fail to close, failing to achieve their objective of winning a lead.

Let me explain.

How we buy

Buying is about passion, the need for immediate gratification.

The parts of the brain that react this way are the deep primitive parts, the parts that shout GIMMEE!

By contrast, a demo is primarily an intellectual activity which takes place in the frontal lobes of the brain, the intellectual thinking parts that we humans have developed to such a high degree.

And this is where the problem lies.

The front of the brain never stops thinking, never stops questioning, never really wants to reach a decision.

So when a demo triggers this part of the brain by explaining the detail of the package and how it works, it often only succeeds in inviting more and more questions.

The wrong part of the brain is stimulated for buying.

Which is why so few leads are forthcoming from demos.

And the more you show & tell, the more they ask.

This mental activity has nothing to do with the deeper more passionate gratification areas of the brain.

Gratification is a much older, more primitive part of our brain, where buying and other primary need-fulfilment takes place.

Buying is a deep brain process.

Software demo videos don’t focus on this area enough.

Instead they over-stimulate the Questioning Area, the advanced frontal lobes, where our human intelligence lies.

What to do about it

The answer is fairly straightforward.

Stop making people think and ask questions on the assumption that a logical path to a sale is the correct one.

This sounds easy enough, but it’s actually quite difficult for software developers as they’re innately smarter than the average consumer.

Unknowingly, their own high intelligence is a barrier to them making sales.

It takes a stupid person to buy (think of how a child buys)

And it takes a stupid person to sell.

Clever buyers and clever vendors never get round to making decisions. They’re too full of questions, questions, questions and logic, logic, logic to ever agree on anything.

Okay – I exaggerate.

But hopefully you get the point.

So next time you think about making a software demo video, stop for a moment and ask how your video will trigger the deep, gratification parts of the brain that do the buying.

And ask how you can avoid merely stimulating the non-stop thinking frontal part with never ending, often pointless questions that always result in postponed decisions.

This is the challenge of today’s home page software video demo.

To reach the parts of the brain that other demos don’t reach.

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