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In the words of Andrew Kramer – “Tell the wife its After Effects time”.

In this blog post I will be taking a look at what we get in the latest version of the software, Adobe After Effects CS5.5

One of the new features that has got people talking the most is the Warp Stabilizer.

By utilising this feature, After Effects CS5.5 will let you take shaky footage that’s filmed on a had held camera and process it to look like it has been shot with a dolly or steadicam, giving it a smooth professional finish.

Now, some people are questioning “Why is this not in Adobe Premiere CS5.5?”.

The simple answer is that it doesn’t need to be.

If you prefer to process the footage in Adobe Premiere CS5.5, a dynamic link can be created. Allowing you to work in whichever program you choose.

Sticking with improvements to camera functions for now:

The Camera Lens Blur, brought in with Adobe After Effects CS5, has now been tuned up for After Effects CS5.5, allowing the user to create desirable soft focus effects (similar to using a 50mm Prime lens) through the use of the depth of field control.

But for me, one of the greatest improvements of Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is the introduction of Light Falloff.

This is a feature that has been around for a while in other programs, such as Maxons Cinema 4D, but is brand new to Adobe After Effects CS5.5

What it allows for is the control of the intensity of a light, to create a ‘real life’ falloff – as you know, if you shine a torch into the night sky – the beam won’t go on for ever.

These improvements have all been in the creative field, but what improvements have been made to help the workflow process?

Well, better rendering.

Rendering always takes chunks of time here and there when the editor needs to check the project is on the right tracks. So any improvements in quicker rendering times is always appreciated.

How Adobe After Effects CS5.5 makes these render time improvements is through improved disk cashing.

The way you can search within Adobe After Effects CS5.5 has also been looked at.

Now you can use a comma as an ‘or’ operator, enabling you to widen your search.

Another clever function is having the option to save the project as an After Effects CS5 document, so there will be no tricky hand overs to colleagues who aren’t up to date with their software.

Overall, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 seems to be a good example of the 5% rule.

Make a 5% improvement to everything you do, and the net result will be exponential.

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