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This is a guest post by in house motion graphics animator Harry Finch


It doesn’t seem too long ago since May 2011 when Adobe were releasing CS5.5 but already, here we are and Adobe are bringing out CS6.

So what’s new for video?

Well there are only 2 brand new applications:

> Prelude CS6, a video ingest and logging tool – designed to speed up the tagging and transcoding of footage.

> SpeedGrade CS6, a colour grading tool for video.

Apart from this, it’s just existing applications that have been revised. But that’s not to say that nothing much has changed!

Let’s take a look at some of the new/upgraded features of the existing apps:


– a new user interface, Camera Raw 7 (supporting the latest camera models), a blur gallery and easy to use video editing capabilities


– new interface , new creative tools for pattern design such as gradients on strokes

Premiere Pro

– new interface, warp stabilizer effect, adjustment layers

After Effects

– better caching, a 3D camera tracker, text and shape extrusion using a raytrace renderer, variable mask feathering and better integration with Illustrator.

Another area of interest to come from Adobe along with CS6, is the Creative Cloud.

This is a place where creatives will be able to connect with other creatives, download the latest apps to their desktop and upload their own files so they can be accessed from anywhere.

One service from the Creative Cloud that is drawing a lot of attention is Typekit.

Typekit allows you to easily add fonts to your website using ‘Kits’, a collection of all the fonts used for a specific website.

So overall – will I be racing out to get CS6?

Well some areas sound really exciting such as adjustments layers in Premiere, or text and shape extrusion in After Effects but is this enough to warrant the upgrade fee of £357.60?

I’m not so sure…

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