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The 2012 conference of The National Association Of Broadcasters – or NAB – featured a number of new initiatives and breakthroughs in the world of corporate video.

Here are the ones that caught our eye.


We think that Telepresence is something that may prove to be a game-changer.

Telepresence has been around for a while – but only recently has it reached a standard that’s good enough for everyday use.

Like video conferencing, it enables users to visually and audibly communicate with a person that’s based in a different location.

But whereas established video conferencing tools have limitations to the quality of their content, telepresence utilises True 1080 HD vision and High Fidelity sound to convey a sense of realism.

It also allows for the appearance of true eye contact by utilising camera positioning.

Telepresence could be beneficial to corporate video production in a number of ways:

> the shoot and direction of a presenter could be done remotely

> as could the shoot and direction of actors

> and a client could watch and review these actions live – and in a high quality detail – from wherever in the world they may be

This would make corporate video production easier, cheaper and more accessible.

The emergence of IPTV

Internet protocol television – or IPTV – is opening up new markets to the world of corporate video.

IPTV is television that uses the internet for its communications – as opposed to traditional television, which uses radio waves to broadcast.

At NAB, Alex Blum of KIT digital talked about “The Emergence of IPTV” and its integration with Over-The-Top Content – otherwise known as OTT content.

Click here to read Alex Blum’s article on the NAB Show blog.

OTT content is the delivery of media by a content distribution company – such as Netflix or Hulu – both of which deliver television shows and feature films.

And it’s growing in popularity.

Used effectively, OTT content could enable the corporate video industry to reach a wider audience – opening up more possibilities for a corporate video to be used as a marketing tool.

Adobe CS6

One of the big stories at NAB was the previewing of Adobe CS6.

There are a number of new and improved features.

The ones that caught our eye were:

> The Global Performance Cache

According to, this:

“Enables you to reuse elements and or play around with ideas in a scene without having to re-render the whole frame.”

This means that more time can be spent on actually doing work instead of waiting for something to render.

> The 3D Camera Tracker

Adobe says that this:

“Automatically analyzes the motion present in normal 2D footage, extracts the position and lens type of the real camera that shot the scene, and creates a new 3D camera in After Effects to match.”

CS6 now automatically detects corners, curves etc. on a recorded object and automatically assigns a motion tracking reference point to it.

As any professional graphic designer will tell you, this really will save time.

> Adobe Creative Cloud

According to Adobe, the Creative Cloud will be:

“The digital hub that lets you download and install every Adobe CS6 application; access online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing; and benefit from new apps and features as soon as they’re released “” giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine.”

Quite a bold statement!

This will be a subscription based service for CS6, the cost of which will be $49.99 a month.

If what Adobe says about CS6 and the Creative Cloud is true, then the post-production side of corporate video production should become a lot easier.

Click here to visit the official Creative Cloud page from Adobe.

And click here to find out more about corporate video

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