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Want to know the client questions your B2B marketing video isn’t answering?

Would your marketing video be more effective if you knew the questions clients were asking about your video’s topic?

Then you’d know which important questions you were answering successfully, and which questions you weren’t answering.

Why does this matter?

It’s simple. In a B2B marketing video you tell the audience what you want them to know, typically a video story based around feature-benefit, which is fine, but the full story doesn’t always end there.

What about the important questions your clients are asking that your video doesn’t answer?

In fact it’d be great to know all the questions clients are asking, as this intelligence will give you the ability to hone your video and make it more perfect, more effective

- resulting in less abandonment and more engagement.

Here’s the answer:

Try out our free User Intent Report.

It’ll give you a clear list of all the client questions around your video topic, enabling you to refine your video content accordingly.


To give you an idea, here’s a sample for a project management software package.

An example User Intent Report

You’ll see immediately that it’s not a keyword scraped list, but the actual real world questions your clients are asking.

Now ask yourself: How much more effective will my next marketing video be if I know in advance the questions clients are asking around my topic?

You can find out today, for free, by requesting a User Intent Report.


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