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Estimating the cost of a technology or software video accurately Video 4 - Estimating the length

Explainer video companies charge by the minute or 30 seconds.

So it’s no use guessing your video runtime at “maybe 1 or 2 minutes”

- as the prices differences between a minute and two minutes are too great for accurate budgeting.

So how does a technologist or software developer work out explainer video runtime?

You need to start with an outline script.

Also bear in mind that many technology video buyers are reluctant to draft up a rough script, usually because

- they’re under pressure with a launch or upgrade that’s soaking up every minute of their time

- or writing isn’t really their strong point

- or both.

Here’s the quick 5 minute way anyone can use to draft an explainer video script, regardless of writing ability:

1: Copy/paste your proposition or message from a web page or presentation

2: Edit it down to essentials. Do this very quickly. Don’t sweat the detail or get too granular.

3: Do a word count of your draft script, eg, 310 words or 125 words, etc

4: Divide the word count by 130, the speed of a voiceover in words per minute

eg, 260 words is 2 minutes (260 / 130 = 2)

You now know your video runtime accurately enough for quote purposes.

This isn’t your final script. A professional scriptwriter needs to do this job for you.

But generating a quick video script draft, in the way shown above, will give you

- a more accurate idea of the video runtime you need

- a draft script you can send out for getting sensible quotes

Plus provide a briefing for a professional video scriptwriter, once you’ve started your project.

To see the difference in different runtimes costs for different video styles, see our online pricelist. It’ll help you get the big picture on your budget.

If you need help drafting a rough script, write to me, Kevin Rossiter.


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