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Estimating the cost of a technology or software video accurately Video 3 - Choosing a style to match your budget

Technology or software explainer video styles come as low cost, medium cost and high cost

- depending on the job they do for you.

To give you an idea what this means, here are three examples to compare:

1: An animated infographic video will headline your unbeatable proposition in 60 seconds.

It’s medium cost

2: A 3D Presenter video can present your vertical market offering in 1-3 minutes

It’s low cost

3: An animated Demo video will showcase your screenshots, workflow & benefits in under 2 minutes

- weeding out time-wasters who never intended to buy.

It’s low or medium cost

It’s important not to spend too much money on any single video

- as many cheaper videos are often more effective at winning new users than a single prestige spend.

If you want know more about explainer video styles see our portfolio. It has a whole section with technology & software explainer video examples.


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