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Estimating the cost of a technology or software video accurately Video 2 - Calculating goals & budgets

To maximize the impact, reach & return on your technology or software explainer video, you need to define your video business goal in writing, eg, I need:

- 10 or 50 or100 more leads, demos or subscriptions per month

- to engage newcomers more quickly

- reduce the time wasted on giving online software demos to people who never intend to buy by letting them self-qualify with video.
- penetrate your most lucrative vertical market more efficiently, more effectively

- overcome onboarding, migration & implementation doubts & contract signing delays

- help non-techie Decision Makers understand your technology better

Once you know your goal, you have to estimate its likely worth.

Ask: “What would you pay for a video that achieved one of your goals?”

Knowing all this, you now have a rough idea of what you might be prepared to spend, and so be able to establish an order of budget. Counting the loose change in your pocket and calling it a video budget is strictly for bedroom developers.

If you need to check your budget, for example, is it realistic? too little? too much? then go check our price list which is quite accurate.

Very few explainer video companies publish accurate prices, but we do - because, frankly, we know our business, know what things cost, and want to share this vital information with you.


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