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If a customer mis-understands why you’re better than the rest – you’re doomed.

Your message needs to be told in a clear and concise way, and there’s no better way to do this than by using a video.

Web video offers an unequaled ability to provide clarity of message.

And your message tells the world what your company is all about – it’s vital that this is identified and delivered – especially during a recession.

A recent Harvard Business review concluded that:

“Rather than wait for business to return to normal, top executives should cash in on the opportunity that the rival companies are creating for them. The company courageous enough to stay in the fight when everyone else is playing safe can bring about a dramatic change in market position. Advertising should be regarded not as a drain on profits but as a contributor to profits, not as an unavoidable expense but as a means of achieving objectives.”

Sitting still when the economy is going down simply isn’t an option. What’s needed is investment and preparation for the recovery.

That way – when growth occurs – you can grasp the market away from your competitors.

Using web video as part of your marketing campaign

Marketing is all about getting a clear message to as many potential customers as possible – and putting it in as many customer touch points as possible.

If your main customer touchpoint is your website then you need to make sure it provides the clearest possible message.

These days, people don’t engage with long text – but they do engage with video.

And more and more people are starting to watch web video.

According to a 2012 Bright Roll survey from Social Media Today:

“65% of marketers plan to reallocate campaign spending from TV to online video this year.”

So the marketing and business world is starting to embrace web video. And by 2013, web video advertising will dominate all types of visual media based marketing.

The recent financial crisis has not just caused a recession, it has also provided a catalyst for an international economic transition.

Things are being done differently – and the companies that will survive and prosper are the ones that are able to adapt to a new way of doing things.

To guarantee the future success of your company, a web video is essential

Having a web video on your homepage is no longer the next big thing – it’s the current need.

Though having a web video is still something special, pretty soon it will be the norm.

Simply having one won’t set you apart from your competitors – because they’ll all have one too. To be better than the rest, you need your web video to be better than the rest.

You need a web video that’s been made to the highest possible standard.

It’s the best chance you have of surviving a recession – as you’ll be preparing for the recovery.

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