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How many companies are using the London 2012 Olympics as part of their marketing campaign?

It seems that a major international sporting event can be a platform for any business – including fast food and drink retailers like McDonald’s and Coca Cola.

This has been made obvious by the rising number of Olympic themed advertisements we’re seeing, whether they are:

> On the television

> On Billboards or …

> In print marketing

> Or on a web video.

Why in 2012 more and more businesses are reaching customers through the web

There have been many changes since 2008 and the Beijing Olympics – the main ones being the introduction of tablets through the iPad and the introduction of smartphones through the iPhone.

This means that more and more people can access the internet wherever and whenever they like.

So businesses are abandoning television and traditional print marketing and are starting to embrace web marketing. And there’s no better way of marketing through the web than with a video.

So advertisement based web videos are already on the rise – and the London 2012 Olympics are expected to give it that extra boost.

In fact, we may be on the verge of a web video revolution – at least in marketing terms.

The Olympics may end up being the catalyst that’s needed for web video to be embraced as the “norm”.

“Like media owners and consumers, marketers too are poised to make a quantum leap for London 2012, using digital platforms as never before to inform and engage audiences,” said Karin von Abrams, eMarketer senior analyst.

The benefits of web video marketing

Television based marketing is becoming less and less the dominant advertising source – and print marketing can have very little effect on the average consumer.

15% of Brits from a recent survey said they will be watching part of the games on a tablet, computer or laptop, with a further 12% who says they will watch at least part of the games on their mobile. (Source:

With this huge market of captive audiences watching the games on their phones and computers, there’s bound to be some huge advertising spend.

In fact, NBC Sports has spent $50 million in digital ads for the 2012 Olympic Games, more than double in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics, Content reports.

This monumental spend (one amongst many) and the huge presence of the Olympics online could draw a lot of new companies into online video production, who still may not have considered it before.

More and more smaller firms are also producing Olympic themed web video advertising, not least because of the cost is much less than producing and airing and advert for TV.

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