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You’ve probably heard about Pinterest – but what is it?

Pinterest is another one of those social networking sites – like Facebook and Twitter.

But with a difference.

It’s purely visual – everything is based on images and video.

Pinterest allows its users to post items of interest onto their image boards- and each image links back to the original source online – this is very important.

The rising popularity of Pinterest

The web information company Alexa reports that – over a 30 day averaging – Pinterest was used in 5.7% of all search engine queries.

It already has 10.4 millions users – and is rising quickly.

So it’s here to stay.

And, as the business of the future needs to sell to the buyer of the future, then Pinterest is a great way to market to a future target audience.

Home goods store Wayfair is one of the many businesses that have picked up on this, with – according to Mashable – their CEO Niraj Shah saying that:

“Shoppers referred by Pinterest are more 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average.”

It’s quickly becoming the number one social networking site for business referrals. Businesses just have to make sure they ‘pin up’ the right marketing tool.

And there’s no better online marketing tool than a web video.

The future potential for Pinterest and video

Pinterest and video are made for each other.

Both accept that people no longer read text – by communicating on a totally visual level.

Pinterest needs web video to make to make it look rights – to give it the kind of dynamism that only a moving image can provide.

Click here to find the perfect web video for Pinterest.

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