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The future part 1: what is your marketing video worth?

For a B2C company, a great video can add a billion pounds to the bottom line.

Old enough to remember Guinness ads? Or the sleek simplicity of Apple devices on TV?

Each one a mini masterpiece. Thirty seconds of marketing genius watched several times a week. A cash cow grazing in your living room.

What about the main video of a B2B company turning over £1M – £10M?

It’s not on terrestrial tv. Its intended audience may see it only by chance.

If or when they do, it’s one of several they’ll see as part of their buying research.

It’s sitting on your website, though often not on your home page.

The customer may just drift by.

Talk about a trickle of passing trade.

Luckily, a digital revolution, combined with AI, has changed everything.

You now have access to every potential client anywhere in the world.

Of course you’ll have to pay to play and advertising isn’t cheap, but at least you’ll know your video will eventually meet its rightful audience.

Either they’ll land right on its web page when they click your text ads, or watch it pop up as a video ad while they browse what interests them. 

Your audience is accessible 24/7, except when they sleep.

Will the video you commissioned from your local production company, or from that smart agency, still do the job?

Guaranteed 100% not. You’ll have to start again from scratch.

New thinking, new data, new savvy buyers.

There’s a generation shift at play too.

Movies and TV series have great shelf life, consumers can’t get enough of them even ten years later. 

B2B industries, however, have a slightly picky audience, plus a fast rate of change.

Your video has to catch a wave. Then the next one.

All this is a challenge. It means you have to put in place a video strategy that stands the test of time without quite knowing what may be happening next.

Cue, the video expert. Every marketer needs one. 

Someone not in-house. Someone informed and impartial who knows the facts.

Part mentor, part to bounce ideas off, part co-creator.

Someone to help you future-proof your offering, to think ahead with you.

Within your business you’ll have a huge, often untapped, reservoir of knowledge.

The various uniquenesses of your service, the strength of your team, the experiences of your customers, these all shape what you can project about yourself as a company.

You now know which of the buyer’s problems you can solve, and which you can’t

You know your market and who you want to talk to.

Probably even their age, gender, job title, responsibilities and habits.

Your video is about to become your marketplace megaphone, make headlines, stand out.

Or not.

It’s going to be short. Maybe very short.

Or longer.

It’s going to be one.

Or three or four.

It’s going to be a sniper’s rifle, definitely not a blunderbuss.

It’s going to carry the words of your head and heart.

To another head and heart.

Facts, figures, certainties, projections, walk-throughs, simplicity.

Just like show-and-tell at school.

You want your audience to think, ‘I want a solution just like that.’

An effective high-performance video makes this looks easy.

Skill always does. But it takes years of practice.

It’s the end product of a highly intelligent process.

That’s what makes it worth it.

Your buyer can make a decision in a few seconds.

When they do, your video is worth thousands, tens of thousands, even millions.

To be the future, you need to be in it for the long haul even when the pressure is on now.

To get you started thinking about a new perspective, try this simple exercise.

The first part is a quick assessment below, which takes 15-20 minutes (click button)

The second part is a one-to-one high performance video workshop with an experienced B2B mentor.

Together they give you a practical marketing platform for the next few years.

I hope you enjoy taking this opportunity and thank you for reading.

Bryan Irving, The Future, Studio Rossiter.



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