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The DVD industry – as a whole – is in decline.

A recent article in the Financial Times reported that overall DVD sales are falling by around 19.6% per year.

This figure is inclusive of corporate DVD, cinema DVD and even High Definition Blue Ray DVD.

So what’s causing this?

The rise of online and portable media

A DVD is simply a plastic disk. In order for it to have any significance it must contain a media file.

And this media file doesn’t need a DVD in order for it to work.

A DVD disk is simply a method of digital distribution, as is:

A memory stick

I’m sure you have one of these – you’ve probably got one plugged into your computer as you’re reading this.

You can put anything on one of these things – from office documents to pictures.

You can even put on a video – depending on data size of course.

So why spend time burning something onto a DVD when you can copy it onto a memory stick in less than half the time?

And most modern household entertainment systems have at least one USB port and the ability to play a video file.

Your DVD player probably even has one!

A mobile device

Mobile phones and tablets don’t just play video – they make video.

Would you buy a Smartphone if it didn’t have a camera attached?

I didn’t think so.

And as for watching videos on your phone, well, apparently more Americans look at their phone screen than they do their TV screen.

A recent survey of 1055 people by InMobi found that the average American spent 144 minutes a day looking at their phone but only 141 minutes a day looking at their TV.

So how does this relate to corporate DVD? Well, if less people are watching DVD’s and television overall, then viewing videos – be they corporate or web – on smaller laptop and phone screens becomes the status quo.

So corporate DVD’s are being replaced by other visual systems, the main one being …

The Internet

Every website now has it’s own web video.

I mean, putting a video online is easy. So why not upload your corporate video?

By making it available to an online audience, your marketing message spreads a lot further than it would if it was just on a DVD.

Businesses are realising this, and this is the main reason why it’s the biggest contributor to the demise of corporate DVD.

But corporate video – on the other hand – is going from strength to strength.

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