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New website

This will be one of our biggest changes in 2015 – and anyone who has been through a full website update will know this is no easy or simple task. But it’s well worth it if done correctly.

We’re currently working on providing a website which shows our full offering, but with the most ease of use, including a parallax design.

We’re still is beginning stages right now, but it’s going to be great.


In 2015 we’ll be expanding our animation dept – with more studio staff being trained in 2d and 3d animation along with upgrading and adding to our animation software suite.

This will mean that each studio member is versatile, with the most up to date animation tools – and so we consistently produce high quality animations.


We have always given resources freely on our website, but 2014 saw the first of our white papers, checklists & ebooks being published. Though in fairly early stages, these have been a great success – and we’re getting great feedback.

So in 2015 we will be continuing to share our extensive knowledge and produce more white papers and ebooks – covering all areas of marketing and training.


As the team has grown over the past 2 years, we need to keep continually improving our processes and project management to make production stays smooth and keeping transparency for the client.

At the end of 2014 we introduced some new project management software to facilitate this, and so far it looks promising.

We’re also constantly working on new video concepts and continually upping our game and being innovative where ever we can – we now have a designated Creative Leader who will helping at the storyboarding and concept stage of each video.

Equipment Upgrade

In time for the new year we’ve upgraded some of our Camera equipment and our kit list now includes:

> 1.5 metre motorised glidetrack

> fast slow motor for smooth real time glide shots

> slow motor for moving timelapse

These technical terms may not mean much to you – but what they do mean is more exciting variety camera shots for all our shoots. So in turn, this will make better video.

We have also trained up an in house camera operator – making us more flexible with shoots and able to have a faster response to quick projects

This is just a taster of what we’re up to, so keep an eye out for Studio Rossiter this year. We hope you’re as excited about 2015 as we are!



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