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25th Anniversary of Studio Rossiter

Last year was met with the milestone of our 25th Anniversary.

This is a huge achievement for any company, especially one in the technology sector – so we’re quietly proud of this.

And thanks to our customers, we’re now one of the longest standing corporate video studios in the World – with over 250 clients & 11 awards to date.

So what have we seen in the last year?

We’ve Grown

Last year also saw the addition of 2 new staff – Shane Green and Abe Rossiter.

Shane joined us as a Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer after completing his degree course, with a 2-1 BA Honors in Film & TV, and since then has worked well on a variety of projects.

Abe is our new studio manager. It’s his role to make sure all projects stay on track – sometimes totalling 20+ live client projects at any one time. At the same time, he ensures clear lines of customer communication – and is set to become a helpful asset to both clients and the studio team.

Matt Routledge, our Lighting Camera Op, has also moved up a step to become a Director, while Harry Finch has developed a whole new improved animation department, offering a much wider range of amazing business animation solutions – check here

55% Reorder rate

Customer analysis revealed a remarkable 55% re-order rate, which means over half of our customers are pleased enough to come back to us for more productions after their first video.

Phew – we’re impressed.

In this relatively fickle media world where people can chop & change a lot, we’d like to say “Thank you, Customers!”

Rebranding and New Website

Last year Studio Rossiter was born – the new brand that represents how the original Rossiter & Co has grown. We could say our new logo is more modern and impactful – but we just think it looks nicer.

Every year since 1998 we’ve annually upgraded our website.

But last year’s upgrade is a bit special as the site has been significantly “re-thought” – making it much easier for customers to browse our wide product range of video solutions, understand the pricing and, best of all – find lots of relevant samples to watch.

We did this by studying traffic patterns and heat maps of the site, so we were able to understand better what customers like to do, and how they like to browse when visiting us.

Global Client Base & Increased International Presence

In the last decade Studio Rossiter have grown internationally – from humble beginnings producing foreign language versions of English videos – to managing & filming projects throughout Europe, The Gulf, and as far as China & Japan or Ghana & Angola – and now recently, midtown New York.

The Big Apple likes us too.

When we aren’t filming overseas, we work remotely on motion graphic videos, often for the leading technology suppliers in their respective countries.

Our Largest Contract yet – £128,000

From all the international work we’ve been doing last year came our largest training multimedia video contract yet, for BP in Egypt.

With many large petrochem projects in the Middle East, BP have to ensure the safety of all their staff, particularly the local contractor workforce.

Coming inside a record-breaking 4 months, the massive educational project required a sizable team of editors, illustrators, scriptwriters, animators and programmers plus a project manager and director.

Introduction of 2 camera shoots

We’ve now introduced 2 cameras & 2 operators to our video shoots.

This has come about at the instigation of clients seeking more filmic, creative & movielike production quality – even for relatively small projects.

Two cameras can also make a shoot run more quickly, for example, when one camera is filming staff interviews, the other’s filming around the site or building – catching background and context footage to help make the interviews more eye-catching.

Adobe Creative Cloud – The Best Video Software Ever

In June last year we updated all our Edit Suites to the brilliant new Adobe Creative Cloud.

With automatic updating, Creative Cloud gives us immediate access to all the very latest video effects and workflow improvements from the moment Adobe introduce them.

For example we can now output to Cinema standard quality, at 2k and 4k cinema resolutions.

Looking Forward

As well as looking back on our achievements throughout 2013, we’re now rolling out our plans for 2014, so make sure you keep an eye on our blog, Business Video Insight, for news, innovations & improvements coming your way.

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