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Recently we’ve been working on a brand new marketing video project – creating a web video network for a software company’s website.

This will fully immerse the visitor into the website and help them to understand what the company offer quickly.

We’re starting production on a series of 20 web videos; 1 voice over led corporate video with live footage, including a word from the CEO and 19 of our ever popular motion graphic style Video Shorts to accompany it and explain each of their products quickly and concisely.

They’ve (cleverly) chosen The Web Video Booster Pack to enhance their chance of top viewings.. We all know that simply having a video is only half the job.

So the videos will be linked together through a interactive menu at the end of each play, much like youtube.. but customised to their website (and no unsightly branding!)

This means site visitors can navigate from page to page, just watching videos… no more long arduous paragraphs of text.

Of course the booster pack will include Video SEO, helping their chances of reaching No.1 in Google, as well as a great graphic banner for each video and auto detect bandwidth.

What else have we been up to?

This week we’ve also been doing a lot of translating of existing videos. We’ve previously produced a number of training videos for the Disney Store to help train their retail staff, but now they want them in Flemish and Danish.

It’s going well so far, as we have a very precise production method that we stick to, meaning we can translate our videos into almost any language with great results.

However! Danish is a bit harder, there seems to be twice as many words in each sentence (which have to fit into the same time as the rest)! Obviously we’ve managed, but it took a little while…

There’s more..

For the past few weeks we’ve been producing a series of short marketing videos for inclusion in Multimedia presentation for a packaging company. We’ve been working with Noddy Holder as the presenter of these videos.

What a character! He was fantastic on the shoot, so full of energy. Linda (the Creative Director) has the lucky job of editing the footage together and creating one of her usual video masterpieces, as well as creating an engaging presentation that will blow any usual Powerpoint out of the water!

It’s great creating a video that is so different to our normal more corporate style, it’s an exciting challenge.

And more!

This week, Victoria is editing a sequence of accident dramas for a well known glass manufacturing company. They’re to be shown in a number of different countries so, to eliminate the cost of tens of translations, the videos are filmed with no voice.

They will show the accident, through strong visuals, sound effects and a great music track.
She’s feeling a little squeamish editing footage of people pretending to fall, being electrocuted and being hit by fork lift trucks, and hopes the videos help to prevent things like this happening in real life!

Of course we’ve been busy going to meetings, writing scripts and producing storyboards for new clients… but getting hold of one of the producers for more details on the new projects is harder than it looks!

So you can see we’re busy bees here in the studio, keep popping back for more news and studio updates.

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