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We have started a web video production for Australian based company Green Oil Plantations.

Green Oil Plantations is an ethical bio-fuel production company.

It’s working on numerous green oil projects – and is looking for investment.

One of which is:

A 5 year project opportunity

The 5 year project opportunity allows an investor to lease an area of land – and green oil producing trees – in Queensland, Australia.

The amount of trees an investor can invest in ranges from 463 trees (this uses a quarter hectare of land) to 1852 trees (which is one hectare of land).

The investor has an option of gaining a return from the oil that the trees produce.

Or they can sign up to Green Oil Productions “optional buyback” option – which guarantees an 80% return on the investment over a period of 5 years.

This means a £10,000 investment in 2012 will be worth – at least – £18,000 in 2017!

Green Oil Plantations offers other investment opportunities ….

The above is an example of just one of them.

More can be found by clicking here.

All investment’s have one thing in common – they are ethical.

Green Oil Plantations came to Studio Rossiter because they want a web video production that shows this.

And we will.

By delivering a web video production that refers to certain truths:

> Bio-fuel is the future

The energy needs of nations and individuals are rapidly switching to bio-fuel over conventional crude oil based petroleum.

In 2012, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the crude oil market is “unstable”.

Prices rise and drop in amounts that would have seemed quite radical 10 years ago.

An investment in bio-fuel offers security – especially when Green Oil Plantations “optional buyback” offer is taken into consideration.

> The planet needs sustainable solutions

Our web video production will show that the industrial future of the world requires a fuel source that is stable, sustainable and friendly to the planet.

And it will show why this fuel source is the bio-fuel of Green Oil Plantations.

> Why Green Oil Plantations is the bio-fuel company to back

Because bio-fuel is the future, numerous companies – both established and start-up – have embraced it.

Our web video production aims to – and will – make Green Oil Plantations stand out as the best choice for investors.

What will be in our web video production for Green Oil Plantations

It’s going to be great!

The web video production will be 3 minutes long – and we plan to take total advantage of the time that’s at our disposal.

We will be including flyover footage of the plantation itself – by using shots that have been taken from a helicopter!

There will also be an interview with the plantations local mayor – who will tell us how it benefits the local community.

And – as with all of our web video productions – the video will be of the highest standard.

To achieve this, we will be making it in the usual way.

A professionally written script will be produced and a precisely detailed storyboard will be designed – so the communication of the companies ethical message will be ready from day one.

Newly filmed footage, informative voiceover, inspiring music, state-of-the-art graphics and stunning animations will be put together in editing to deliver the best web video production possible.

We anticipate that Green Oil Plantations will place the video on their home page – and will also use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a way gives the video a wider audience on the internet.

So keep a look out for it!

Click here to find out more about web video production.

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