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Regular visitors will know that we are always making changes to our site and to what we offer.

From video production to video advice, the Studio Rossiter website is a:

> constantly updated video information hub

> that provides vital information for any business that’s looking to obtain a web or corporate video.

This week, we’ve made some big changes to our Video Production Resources page.

It’s been completely re-designed

It now has a more dynamic and visual look – with old long-winded text being replaced by images and graphics – making it easier to absorb the information.

And it has its own new video! A video infographic!

Other great features include:

> Web Video Production For Dummies 2012

A new 9 point primer that will introduce you to the world of web video production and help you understand just what’s needed in order to produce a professional quality web video that will work on your website.

> Company Video Handbook

This has been written specifically for those people that run a business – such as a company owner or director – but are a novice when it comes to web video production.

It offers a step-by-step guide to producing a winning video that will help you to win more sales.

> A Free Interactive VDU Health & Safety Risk Assessment

It’s free and – once completed – it will give your employee a document as proof of completion.

Do it once a year and eliminate the risk of VDU based health & safety lawsuits.

> Video terms explained

A section that covers all of the technical terms that video directors and crew use. If you’re involved in a shoot in anyway then this information is vital – it will stop you from being in the dark.

> An 8 Point Primer To Foreign Language Productions

We all now work within a global market – the world has never been more connected.

In order to grow, it’s likely that your business will have to attract both buyers and sellers that do not use English as their main language.

A foreign language video production will help you do this – and our 8 point primer will teach you the key considerations that are needed for such an undertaking.

> And more!

Check it out for yourself.

Click here to view our New Video Production Resources Page.

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