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Sustainability Videos

In a new Fast Track video production, we developed a series of 6 lively videos full of interviews for a worldwide construction company, to promote more sustainable methods of work.

We used our full arsenal of cameras and gadgets on a 2 day shoot with a camera drone, motorised glidetrack for interviews and timelapse cameras.

We completed the entire project within just 2 weeks.

Executive Animations

Our recently re-invented talking heads video solution are becoming evermore popular in delivering important messages company wide.

With a high quality illustration and a voice recording, we can make the VPs of any company able to deliver messages companywide, quickly and effectively.

Logo Animation

Harry, our head of animation, has produced a 30s logo animation for a European leading banking company.

The video will be displayed on all their ATMs across Europe!


We have just developed 3 animated infographic videos for a B2B Sharia’h banking company.

As it’s a complex subject, simple infographics is the perfect way of explaining the process and outlining the requirements and benefits at every stage.

It was a challenge, to keep it simple and easy to comprehend – but we managed!

Foreign language videos

In May we produced videos in Japanese, Malay, Arabic and more.

Coltishall Shoot

For the first time we’ve used our own drone footage to grab sweeping aerial shots of a solar farm in Coltishall.

We had a 3 camera crew on this shoot, grabbing camera crane shots and moving timelapse footage – really pushing our production value.

Here’s a sneak peek!

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