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A quick update of our Studio news for June including new videos, audio updates and more

Sustainability videos – complete

Carillion’s latest series of short videos are now live! Promoting the ways in which they work sustainability and reduce their footprint.

They are a blend of almost everything we do here at Studio Rossiter and everyone in the Studio had their input, including:

  • Executive animations
  • SFX camera shots with camera drones
  • Dynamic two camera interviews
  • High level of post production and effects

Here’s a quick sample of one of the videos in the series

Animation showreel

With the launch of the new Studio Rossiter website coming up, we thought we’d treat the animation page to a brand new showreel!

It’s full of samples including:

  • 2D and 3D
  • Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Logo Animations

It should have something for everyone

So without further ado, here’s the Studio Rossiter Motion Graphics Reel!


Carillion Forward institute videos

We produced 2 very quick videos (completion in less than a week!) for the Carillion Forward institute.

We advised Carillion employees how to film themselves effectively talking to camera – producing a ‘selfie’ style video blog in different locations, which produced a fun and informal style of video.

With additional animation screens, captions and music we developed a fantastic way to communicate their message in a cost effective and quick way.

Coltishall Solar Park Video

The edit is complete with only a few amends to apply and the client loves it!

Soon this Solar energy construction company can show off their hard work put into the Coltishall construction project – with video!

Audio Processing

We are developing new error proof ways to improve the way we mix audio at the editing stage, including…

> RX izotope de-noising treatment for interviews

> Perfect audio levels for example – music naturally amplifies between voiceover gaps

> Compressing and equalizing every clip on the timeline so everything seemingly belongs together as one audio mix

To see more of our latest videos head to the Marketing & Training video pages


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