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As part of their health & safety campaign, Carillion asked Studio Rossiter to film their CEO, Richard Howson, to promote an initiative they call “Engagement”

“Engagement involves Carillion workers identifying potential health and safety violations and reporting them to the relevant authorities.

It has had great success – and Richard wanted to promote this and emphasise its importance to the effective running of the company.

But he could only provide a 2 hour window in which he could be filmed. For a shoot like this, this is a really tight.

And running out of time was not an option – detailed and effective preparation was essential.

The filming took place at their Birmingham location near Spaghetti Junction. We prepared beforehand by:

> Writing a segmented script

> Inspecting the site in advance

> And – based on our script and inspection findings – storyboarding in detail the places we would shoot and scheduling the time each shot would take.

Some of the locations we decided on were outdoors, so – due to the unpredictability of British weather – we drew up some contingency plans that we could use if it rained.

The shoot

Armed with our script and production schedule, we arrived 3 hours early to rehearse and set up.

The equipment we brought included:

> A steadicam

> A directional mic

> And a boom pole.

The rehearsals went according to schedule and we were ready to go.

Richard arrived, learnt his lines and we began.

The shooting style we embraced involved him walking and talking to camera. This was achieved by using the steadicam and the boom pole for sound.

Everything was going fine – but then the inevitable happened. It rained.

This is where our contingency plan saved the day. We substituted the outdoor shoots for pre-arranged indoor locations and the shoot was successfully completed within the 2 hour schedule.

If we hadn’t planned the shoot – and developed the contingency plan – then the whole thing would have been an embarrassing disaster.

As it was, all went well.

As it was, Richard Howson was delighted.

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