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Studio Rossiter has made 2 new web video’s for Singapore based health and well being company Cellullaire Suisse.

They were made to promote two of their new products:

> Dermaclear

Dermaclear is a product that is designed to both reduce and eliminate skin complaints.

These complaints range from teenage acne to blemishes and redness of skin that can occur in adulthood.

The web video we produced shows this through a series of animated before and after shots that are edited together by a series of smooth transitions.

Voiceover is used to describe the benefits of the product – and the voiceover is, of course, complimented by titles.

> Silhouette RX

Silhouette RX is a weight loss program.

Weight loss is achieved by taking a course of Silhouette RX tablets on a regular basis.

Like the Dermaclear web video, the Silhouette RX web video shows this through before and after shots that are allied with titles, animation and voiceover.

Web video production on an international scale

The communication technology of 2012 allows a UK based company – like Studio Rossiter – to easily do business with a Singapore based company – like Cellullaire Suisse.

The production of these 2 web video’s was achieved by online production meetings and the sharing of documents that were scheduled for approval.

The internet has made borders irrelevant for the production of web video.

We can make a web video for a company in Far East Asia just as easily as we can for a company in Western Europe.

Great cities like London and Singapore are no longer restricted by international borders.

Especially when it comes to business.

Web video is a perfect example of how this can work.

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