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Stay in business while isolated. Go Social.

12 Step Recovery Plan

1: Stay in business while isolated. Go Social.

One thing every company can do, with staff at home, is to stay in touch. Now’s the time to up your social media messaging quality and to make it more engaging.

Short social media videos are easy to produce, so we’d like to make you one for free.

Click the link below, send us any message you want to put out to your customers (up to 75 words) and leave the rest to us.

This offer applies to B2B companies in the UK, US or Canada.


Quote of the week: “Life has a way of talking to the future. It’s called memory.” The Overstory by 2019 Pulitzer Prize winner, Richard Powers

Coming soon - Step 2: Plan for the upturn. Get it right for 3 months. Progress everything


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