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Working in conjunction with Hunter Design on behalf of St James – Studio Rossiter have just delivered a marketing video for the new Emerald Square Development in Roehampton Vale, London.

The development is a combination of luxury apartments and modern houses – all of which have been built in the historic setting of Roehampton Village.

This unique development in the heart of London is a perfect combination of the old and the new.

The New Emerald Square Development

Emerald Square’s marketing positions itself very clearly in the minds of potential property buyers.

It’s clearly intended to appeal to people looking to invest in the UK property market, as much as new homeowners.

But Roehampton does have a lot going for it.

It’s seven miles from the centre of London, yet – being in Roehampton – has a village-like setting

The traditional historic facade beautifully conceals a modern build with contemporary interior design.

The intention is to build homes that feel like they’re a part of the distinctive history of the area that surrounds it.

St James suggest that Emerald Square combines the certainty and security of the old with the openness and dynamic energy of the new.

And, as it’s within walking distance of both The Roehampton Club and Roehampton University, it makes the perfect home for families and professionals alike.

Anybody who take in its picturesque and pleasant surroundings would be forgiven for thinking it didn’t have a London postcode!

How the marketing video promotes the new Emerald Square Development

There are many features about the Emerald Square Development, such as some of its sights and sounds, that can’t be described by words alone.

A marketing video was needed.

The marketing video uses a mix of voiceover, still photos, video and music to showcase the beautiful new development.

It demonstrates how “contemporary interiors are perfectly combined to meet the demands of modern living” – by showing the brilliant living spaces of both the apartments and houses.

It was well received by all parties, and is now being used as a vital marketing tool for the Emerald Square Development.

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