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Pitch Perfect - The Marketers Dream

Are you sitting on a technology ready to launch? Or a smart idea no-one quite understands? Will you be pitching a product to audiences who think they’ve figured it out, but haven’t? Maybe you have a great team with the potential to achieve much more together given the time to put their skills and ideas to work? 

Investors and customers are waiting for two minutes of magic to roll over their horizons. Sight of the unicorn, the killer app, call it what they will. They need your top class explainer video.

Your invention/product/service may be revolutionary, or something that would produce a 5% improvement for a customer’s business, but if the proposition isn’t crystal clear it will flow under the bridge and out of sight and mind.

You’d be amazed at how much money a good explainer video can make. Conversely, how much a poor one will lose. 

Video producers are dedicated students of the high-achieving message. It’s all glow when they make one, and gloom when they fall short of the mark. 

Sometimes the producer just wasn’t up to the task, but other times the customer made it so difficult for them it was impossible to shine. Buyer beware, next time it might be your fault. Be prepared.

If you need advice on how to get the most out of your video producer, take a few minutes. Have a candid independent conversation with an experienced producer.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of many video productions, learning the ground rules before you embark on another project won’t be time wasted. Call +44 1695 726887 for a 10-minute chat.