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Newtech’s Route To Market

Every technologist worth his share options knows their route to market.

They also know the road is littered with products and companies that didn’t make it all the way along. They failed at step one, two or three.

You can be the smartest person in the room when it comes to innovation, product development, market research or customer profiling.

But when it comes to weaponising video as part of a marketing strategy, you’ll be second smartest to the professional video producer familiar with your vertical markets and the human needs of implementation and adoption.

People are adopting newtech faster and faster. This doesn’t mean that going mainstream stops having stumbling blocks. Mainstream is the big money-maker, but first you have to get there.

Nowadays, your video plan can’t just be a 60-second homepage explainer plus a few self-made tutorials. That low bar is in the past. You’re going to be communicating with very specific sets of customers, each with a different attitude, each with a professional expectation, some cautious, some doubtful.

Your ‘earlys’ will buy almost any innovation with a pulse, but their recommendations won’t move customers looking for results so they’re only useful short term.

One thing every group is looking for is solutions to their problems. For this, you need to know that ‘elephant in the room’ question and answer it incontrovertibly.

Video can do this, and this is where a ‘one-problem-one-video’ plan comes into play. For the tech marketer, it’s not about buying video it’s about using video. When you pre-plan usage, it’s a timeline for your return on investment.

It makes you think through every step of the way - your user’s journey. Video planning is a route-to-market focus tool. It embraces what every customer type and user type needs to successfully employ your solution.

A newtech video marketing plan has three tiers:

Tier one is the expensive, high-impact explainer seen in the most prominent position possible. The most important message, brilliantly constructed. In a word, ‘slick’.

Tier two is a set of mid-price nut-and-bolts how-to videos to smooth implementation and inspire adoption among users. These are vertical-market friendly.

They reach right into your customer’s environment, answer the questions people ask every day, and show rock-solid useability. The videos are maybe a minute or two longer in a style associated with your brand. They become an integral part of your product.

They are the helpful narratives on how to exploit your system to the full. They turn users into recommenders, at all levels of the customer’s business.

Tier three videos extend your reach. Not only are they your social brand ambassadors, showing up everywhere your customers hang out, they are so easy and cheap to make you can turn out one a week in-house. Short and snappy. They bring a return. More site visits, more enquiries, more referrals from your network colleagues, more kudos. They are reminders - ‘here we are, here’s what we’re doing’. Visibility videos.

The beauty of a smart video plan is that everything is measurable. Impact, reach and return are data-driven. Just like your newtech solution.

Read our Three Tier Radical Video Strategy HERE


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