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Our new Web Video Multiplayer has been developed to cater for the individual needs of the business of 2012.

Whatever product or service you offer – Studio Rossiter can make a specific Web Video Multiplayer that’s designed just for you – and your customers.

This is achieved by having each Web Video Multiplayer tailor made to suit the look and feel of the site it’s operating on.

No matter what the style of your website may be – the Multiplayer can be made to match it.

As can the interactive menu, which features:

> a guided user experience

> the latest and best world beating technology – which was developed in-house by Studio Rossiter

> and the ability to hold upto 6 True 1080HD videos

There’s a new way to play your Web Video

The Multiplayer is HTML 5 compatible – so it’s not dependent on Flash and will work on:

> PC’s

> Apple Mac’s

> iPhones

> Android Devices

> Tablets

And just about anything else that can go online.

Designed for you – Designed for your customers

We want to offer you the best client experience so you can offer your customers the best customer experience.

That’s why each individual Multiplayer is designed to meet your requirements – because it’s up to you to tell us what your customers want.

Our new Web Video Multiplayer is available to all buyers of multiple videos and video networks.

Click here for an example of how our Web Video Multiplayer works.

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