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Studio Rossiter have now engaged a new Irish web video agent.

His name is Declan Power, and he has given us his thoughts on the similarities and differences between corporate video production in Ireland – North and South – and the UK.

Q: Hi Declan. So, how long have you been producing corporate video?

A: Full time since 2000.

Q: And, as both an Ireland web video agent and corporate video producer, what industries do you work with the most?

A: I would say that the hospitality industry is the main one, especially when it comes to the global corporate tool of web video. The Irish tourist industry likes to promote itself on an international level.

Other’s are manufacturing, food processing, education course promotion, construction companies and quarrying.

Q: Why did you start making corporate video?

A picture paints a thousand words, and I love the power of the message that can be portrayed by a 30 second TV or corporate video advertisement.

I like making videos that are short, snappy and have a high impact.

Q: What do you like about being Studio Rossiter’s Ireland web video agent?

Kevin and Linda Rossiter are extremely focused on delivery and design. They keep the development of a video message simple and slick.

They also encourage the client to challenge the way they do business.

Q: How is video making in Ireland different to video making in the UK?

A: Ireland has a smaller population than the UK’s – we have around 5 million people whereas the UK has around 60 million people.

So there is a smaller selection of businesses wanting web video.

I’d also say that Ireland was slower to adopt the web as a means of doing business – especially in terms of web video.

We were very quick to adopt text messaging and social networking – but not web video. On a cultural level, we are perhaps more literary than visual.

I would say that the demand for web video is growing though – something that is very important to an Ireland web video agent and producer such as myself!

Q: Would you say that Irish customers are different to English customers?

A: Yes.

I may be making a bit of a generalisation, but the Irish like to keep their business local. They like to spend their money in Ireland.

One of the benefits of being the Ireland web video agent for Studio Rossiter is that my video production business dealings remain Irish but are backed up and supported by one of the UK’s top production houses.

And Irish customers will always make sure they get the most value for the money that they spend.

Studio Rossiter’s low price business video’s deliver the ‘bang for their buck’ that the Irish market is looking for.

Click here to find out more about about Studio Rossiter and web video production.

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