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We have just produced a web video that promotes the online crime reporting system Facewatch.

This was done in conjunction with Greenfield PR.

So how does Facewatch work?

Facewatch allows businesses that are registered with them to:

> upload pictures of crimes

> upload pictures of known criminals

> upload crime reports

onto an online database that is accessible by both the police and other businesses that are registered with Facewatch.

A number of businesses have already registered with the database and Facewatch itself has received a large amount of press attention.

Click here to find out more about Facewatch.

The Web Video

The web video we made is designed to inform potential clients why they should register with Facewatch.

It does this by:

> emphasising the problem the country has with regards to low level crime

> informing potential clients about how the Facewatch system works

> and by letting them know how it can benefit their business and society as a whole

How this was done

In the usual way.

> A killer script was written

> A brilliant storyboard was designed

> A great presenter was used to tell the story

> And all of this was combined with titles, animations and an enjoyable soundtrack during the final edit

So, a well made web video for a well deserved cause.

Click here to find out more about how a web video like this can benefit you and your business.

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