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We’re delighted to announce production is now underway for the Institute of Animal Health’s (IAH) contractor induction video.

The IAH in the UK is a specialist centre for research into infectious diseases of farm animals. It also provides diagnostic services for animal diseases.

The very nature of this research means there are biohazards involved with working there.

It follows that biosafety information has to be provided to each individual contractor in a precise, understandable and memorable way.

Importantly, the information needs to be consistent, ie, the same information must be given to all contractors.

The most effective way to do this is through a contractor induction video.

Contractor induction video is preferred to Powerpoint

IAH – like many organisations who outsource contractors – historically used PowerPoint to deliver their inductions.

Typically a ppt may take 45 mins of talking to a lead-dead room – of variable standard.

Video will normally take 15 minutes, and never vary in its content and impact.

A contractor induction video will never deviate from the script.

The IAH Brief

To provide video modules for:

> Contractors: 15-20 mins runtime

> New starters: 15-20 mins runtime

> Visitors: 2-3 mins runtime

> Office contractors: 5 mins runtime

The videos will cover all major aspects of safety and biosecurity.

It will also offer a short overview of the scope of the Pirbright site.

The Content

Some of the points it will emphasise include:

> Requirements for site access – such as permits, method statements, bio-security etc.

> Emergency procedures of individual workplaces

> Site hazards

> Site environment

> Site rules and signage

> Incident reporting, safe behaviours

We will will do this by delivering an interactive DVD that will feature 4 videos.

These will cover all of the essential rules and regulations that need to be followed by contractors and visitors alike.

The Theory of Learning & Contractor Video

And it’s 2012 – what good is a presentation from 2010 anyway? Presentations and videos don’t have comparable lifespans.

The same can be said of a written guide – people don’t read text and may “skim over” facts and rules that are only too necessary.

So how do you ensure total absorption of information of your programme?

Simple. You utilise what sight and sound can offer.

The BBC outlined this in one of their studies – in which they concluded that sight and sound combined almost doubles a viewers ability to retain information.

Which is why more and more companies are using a contractor induction video.

How IAH see the benefit of a contractor induction video

The Institute of Animal Health need to enforce strict rules for on-site bio security.

A contractor induction video will both “explain & train” the required information in a consistent and memorable way, so the contractor is in no doubt what the safe procedures are – and how & when to apply them.

And it will do it repeatedly.

Features of IAH’s contractor induction video

The contractor induction videos that Studio Rossiter produce will include:

> Live action filming shot on the Institute of Animal Health’s site in Pirbright, Surrey

> The use of professional actors/presenters

> A professional voiceover

> Informative titles

> State-of-the-art graphics and animations

> Music to bring character

> Industry standard editing done by a professional editor

All of which will be needed to ensure that the message of behavioural safety is properly emphasised and portrayed in a way that can be understood by all viewers.

And – most importantly – remembered and put into action.

After watching, contractors will know the rules and understand why they have to follow them – allowing for complete and unparalleled knowledge for everyone.

Click here to find out more about contractor induction videos.

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