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We have a brand new video product!

Something for both solicitor firms and independent freelance lawyers!

Corporate videos specifically designed for those in the legal profession!

Caters for all sectors

From family law to commercial litigation, from partnership law to divorce.

No matter what you or your firms specialised field is, a web video can be made to suit your image and boost your credibility.

A video package that caters just for your industry – starting at £1,629!

A web video will put you ahead of the game.

It’s an investment worth making when you consider what it can do for you – get you more clients.

Web video has a significant influence on web users purchasing habits.

Research shows that people who view a web video are more likely to purchase or sign up to your product or service.

And how much does the average client pay for legal services?

Whatever it is – just don’t let them give it to your competitors.

What you get from us

As with every video we make, our solicitor video production offers:

> A professionally written script

> A professionally designed storyboard

> True 1080 HD definition

> High quality music and sound design

> Top-of-the-range graphics and animations

> Professional voiceover

And with a turnaround of 2-4 weeks – there is no need to wait!

Click here for more information on our solicitor video production.

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