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Studio Rossiter have just finished making a video for the European Space Agency – commonly known as ESA.

The purpose of the video is to show the citizens – and decision makers – of its 19 member states how it spends its collective budget.

It shows how this budget – which costs each tax payer the equivalent price of a cinema ticket per year – has managed to finance a number of achievements and technological innovations that are truly out of this world!

These include:

> The development and creation of a group of launchers

> The manufacturing of breakthrough satellites that are used for space and weather research

> And provide telecommunications and GPS solutions throughout the world

> The building of the most sophisticated and advanced laboratories in Europe – laboratories that produce innovative products that have improved and continue to improve the everyday life of most people

How the video shows this

The video uses a combination of different production techniques to show this.

Such as:

> Live and uniquely captured film footage

> Professional actors, including child actors

> Advanced motion graphics

> Industry standard editing

> Inspirational music

> And an informative yet enjoyable voiceover

Overall, we are very happy with the video and we look forward to showing it to others.

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