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Stock Exchange Bingley is a boutique that specialises in clothing and hairdressing.

A new company, it was looking to make a name for itself in the fashion and beauty industry by undertaking a spectacular company launch.

This marketing strategy included a fantastic launch party and a new website.

For this, the company – which is Located in Bingley, West Yorkshire – asked Studio Rossiter to make a web video, for the website and that could also be used for wider marketing purposes.

The video and the business

Using a combination of pictures and graphics, it tells the viewer what makes Stock Exchange Bingley different from its competitors.

Making the most of an informative yet exciting voiceover, it describes some of the things that makes the company unique, such as:

The options that are available to a customer has to both buy and sell clothing at the store

That’s right – Stock Exchange Bingley will buy your unwanted clothing and sell them onto other customers!

The option to use a professional hair salon as well as buy clothes

A unique idea, but one that makes sense. A shop that truly caters for all of your beauty and fashion needs.

The option to have your unsold clothes donated to charity

You can’t argue with this. If clothes don’t sell, then they obviously can’t stay.

So why not give them away, so they can do some other good?

The video is complemented by a professional soundtrack that eases the viewer into understanding just how unique Stock Exchange Bingley really is.

A clothes shopping experience with a difference!

And we’re very pleased to say that the video is liked by all involved!

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