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Why the need for a Style Tool

Most clients find it difficult to pick a style for their video.

It’s often a very imprecise process (think: guesswork) eg:

“Can you make me a video like this youtube I’ve seen?”

“Can you do me something like that sample you made for another client?”

“I have this vision. Can you help?”

To help resolve these uncertainties we invented the Style Tool.

The tool itself is a series of short video clips, each in a different style, set out so you can compare them side by side.

It covers the 6 main video styles used in business today, ie:

– Stock footage & animation

– Animated graphic

– Animated still images & graphics

– Animated characters & scenes

– Animated text

– Animated presenter

Plus special reference to:

– Software screens

– Science & technology demos

And you can mix & match between them.

It makes style picking easy. Try it.

The science of choosing a video style – 3 step process

Picking a video style is a lot more than just a matter of personal taste.

If anything, personal taste can mean a naive approach if overemphasized or overvalued.

Here’s a simple 3 step process you can follow to help you choose the most effective video style for your business:

1: Look at competitors’ videos and see what styles they’re already using. It’s no use if you pick a style identical to them. Clients won’t see any difference between you.

2: Compare different competitor video styles, and consider how effective you think they are. Some competitor videos will be a direct mortal threat to you, while others may be laughable. Decide who’s who in the video world of your marketplace, then decide where you want to sit at the table. Top seat anyone, please!

3: Pick a winning style using our Style Tool, one you think will wipe the floor with competitors.

This is how you scientifically pick a winner.

Considerations when picking a video style

Sometimes it pays you to choose a video style that’s not too different from the crowd.

Other times you may want something completely different and stand out by a mile.

As a rule of thumb I’d suggest:

> If your product is not too different from the rest, then pick a style that’s very different from the crowd, so you visually stand out in the eyes of your customers, who might be struggling to differentiate you. So even if your proposition isn’t so unique, it’ll still look different and help clients make up their minds in your favour.

> If your product is very different such as a new technology or app that’s a game-changer, then don’t look too different from the crowd. Why? You don’t want to scare business customers with newness. Your radical (to them) solution is different enough. So pick a closer style visually and make new feel normal.

Obviously there are many exceptions to the above, and everything depends on your marketplace. These rules are meant to be broken.

Another simple rule to stand out is:

If you competitor’s video/landing page is a yellowy blob, then make sure yours is an orangey blob. Just not yellow.

Sorry about the “blob” word, but customers often remember individual sites by one of the main colours they see, forgetting the fine detail of your carefully crafted message.


Please bear in mind that we’re not discussing video messaging here. Your messaging will always be unique.

But most video messages can quite comfortably adapt themselves to a number of different video styles.

The trick is to know which one will be the winning style in your marketplace.

Try the style tool.

Analyze your competitors. Judge them.

Somewhere in the middle you’ll hit upon the video style that’ll really work wonders for your business.

Or as we say, deliver the most effective actionable video message. And nothing less will do.