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New Studio Rossiter Website - Almost Launched

Exciting news! We are on the verge of releasing our brand new Studio Rossiter Website!

The new site promises full responsiveness with smartphones, tablets, windows, android or mac in any browser.

We have incorporated a new bold simple design to offer a better user experience.


The blog in particular has been designed to increase readability.

We know our blog has hundreds of regular readers, so we wanted to pay special attention to this area and make sure that you can stay informed wherever you are.


Full screen video is featured prominently in the new site as we believe bigger is always better. After all no one buys a smaller tv for their lounge do they? It's always bigger.

And so we wanted the same with video on our website.

Don't worry, we've still got all the useful content you've loved over the years, with lots of new content samples, including new resources you can access.

We have also added lots of new video samples to view, including new private viewing galleries.


Having such a wide range of products and services has always been a challenge for us to show them all, but we will soon have new simplified navigation so you can find what you need more quickly and easily.

- and more obviously.


Overall the new site has a much more visual and intuitive approach. and we hope you enjoy using it.

We expect to have full public launch mid to end of June.



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