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Our new software video production services page is more than a new lick of paint.

It brings to life all the ideas we’ve had over the last 12 months, and incorporates many ideas you’ve suggested.

The first and biggest idea is that software is transforming every aspect of business, from small time saving apps to enterprise scale technology platforms that automate processes that used to take teams of people months or years to complete, but now it’s days or weeks, or even minutes.

The second big idea is that software developers want leads as a result of making a video. Generating “a presence in the marketplace” or “increasing brand awareness” isn’t enough on its own.

Leads matter, as behind all software & technology developers, whether startup or established market leader, there’s an investor, maybe a microloan, crowdfunding, or larger venture capital. And they’re all pushing for increased revenue. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Which puts new lead generation pretty near the top of the list of company growth priorities.

And a video is top of the pile at generating new leads, whether as a straightforward demo, package explanation, or sales message. Video delivers new users.

The third idea is that video creativity matters. With increased competition between software application & service vendors, looking different matters more than ever. If you don’t look different how’s a customer supposed to know the difference between you and the crowd.

Yet creativity often comes at a price most software houses don’t want to pay.

So we’ve positioned our pricing in the lowest 25% of Western software video production companies.

Take a look at the page and see for yourself, make your own mind up. Make a comment. We’re listening.

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