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Our new Software Tutorial Video – a package that will ‘edu-tain’ your customers.

We are offering:

> A 3 minute Software Tutorial Video

> Or 5 of them as a network

A Software Tutorial Video is the best way of making sure a complete learning experience is delivered to all users.

It’s also the best and quickest way to make new money for any developer or owner of an online application, resource or management system.

Reduced support costs

If – with your software – you provide a video that’s:

> easy to follow

> easy to understand

> and informative

Then less people will call your support staff for help and advice.

And if they do call – then your staff may be able to solve their problems by directing them to the relevant part of the video.

Increase your sales

If a prospective buyer watches your Software Tutorial Video – and decides that your application will be easy enough for them and their staff to use – then they’ll be more likely to buy it.

And any big corporation looking to buy the type of software that you produce will like the fact that your software has a Low Cost Of Ownership.

In other words, they’ll know that their internal support issues – and costs – will be reduced due to their staff being able to refer to your Software Tutorial Video.

What we offer

There are 2 specifications:

> One single Software Tutorial Video

For every video we make, we have a detailed one-on-one briefing – this allows us to understand your software better, allowing us to write a detailed and professional script.

Once you have approved the script, we will produce a detailed and fully illustrated storyboard.

The script and the storyboard will be used as blueprints for the actual video production – a production that will use professional voiceover, graphics and animation – as well as editing by an experienced software tutorial editor.

The finished product will be delivered to you as an MP4 – so it can be streamed on virtually anything – anywhere.

> Multiple Software Tutorial Videos

This includes everything you get in the first specification – but more videos and an interactive video multiplayer

The interactive video multiplayer will turn your collection of Software Tutorial Videos into a true video network.

Click here to find out more about our Software Tutorial Video.

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