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Low cost social media video campaigns

Because social media video is completely different in its style, content and goals to regular explainer video, we’ve developed our own low cost social media video campaign product, which you can see here.

We suggest the primary purpose of social media video is to win cheap clicks, or at least cheaper than the alternative, pay per click. Winning cheaper leads from multiple sources has to sound good to any B2B or B2C marketer or business owner.

Some companies may see social media video as a workable alternative to the $5, $10, or $20+ per click cost they’re busy trying to reduce.

But obviously reducing cpc isn’t the only reason companies do social media.

Some see social media video as part of their existing multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, but want to extend its use, scope & effectiveness, which is something we can advise on and deliver for you at Studio Rossiter.

Alternatively many organizations already have an in-house media department to make their own social media videos, but find the work a strain, or too time-consuming, or they’re not satisfied with the quality of their results.

We can take care of this too, as well as offering new insights into how a social media video production campaign should be run.

And this is all for low cost and relatively low risk.

Our new social media campaign product helps each of the above types of company.

We offer a wormhole into the parallel world of social media for businesses, a doorway to another world where everything is faster & cheaper than legacy marketing channels.

Our new social media campaign product takes onboard a new style of thinking about social media video that will be an absolute eye-opener to some, even if you already use a social media agency, and are familiar with the likes of Hootsuite or Buffer for managing social media comments and engagement.

You’ll need to check out the bottom half this page to see details of this.


Last but not least, if you’re completely new to using social media video, here are four short social-media-style videos that dispel common misconceptions, for example:

- by explaining why a social media video is different to a marketing explainer video

- or a facebook advert.

We also explain how to plan your social media campaign, and how many videos you need to produce, and we provide video script & content assistance to back it up.

Our experience at Studio Rossiter is that social media video campaigns pay their way. We love them.

It’s not just about reducing ppc costs. It’s much wider than what you might envisage, and can solve many media department problems, such as

- What to publish for your next blog series, when everyone’s scratching their heads for new content

- How to establish a youtube presence, your own valid channel

- How to engage & motivate existing customers and prospects (your mailing list) to buy more

- Boosting your LinkedIn engagement levels among peers and recommenders.


Above all, social media video production is controllable at low cost. It’s not a high risk exercise.

And the speed of message & delivery is amazing. It takes days, not weeks or months.

It can open doors you never dreamed existed.


If you’re still unsure, we’ll make your first one free. This is the best way to learn.


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