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Out with the old, in with the new.

Along with client favourite Emma Redman, we have 4 new presenters for you to audition for your next video!

They are:

Phil Hilton

Grant Bradley

Abigail Law-Briggs

Samantha Kidd

A rich mixture of young, old, male and female – whatever it is – we can match your sales demographic.

The new key features of our presenter video service

It’s not just the presenters that are new.

We’ve made some changes to the way the videos are actually made.

New features include:

Enhanced motion graphics

We use cutting edge animated motion graphics and captions to underline the key points of your product or service.

We believe that this style is much more meaningful to a customer than a simple set of weak dissolves and ‘seen-it-before’ transitions.

Segmented scripting

Instead of your script being one long ramble, it’s structured into meaningful segments that ramp up the strength and power of your message.

Each segment ends on a tiny pause that gives your customer that all important moment to reflect on message.

Dynamic soundtrack and sound effects

Instead of having one long soundtrack – or no soundtrack at all – each segment now has its own music track, giving both the video and message more power and impact.

Benefits of the new features

Collectively, these features will engage your viewers and bring you more business.

For a video to do this – for it to win you more customers – it has to be engaging.

At Studio Rossiter, we don’t believe that simply having a presenter stand and speak will guarantee you customer engagement. Something more powerful is required.

You need a video that has:

> The right presenter

> Presenting a message that’s skillfully told through a segmented script

> That’s brought to life through enhanced motion graphics that are allied to

> A stunning soundtrack with brilliant sound effects

Win customers – get a Studio Rossiter presenter to deliver your message in the right way.

Click here to check out our new look presenter video page.

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