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Today we’re pleased to announce our new free Business Video Masterclass.

It’s perfect for everyone who wants to produce more effective actionable video at lower cost and greater ROI.

Typically it’ll be useful for marketers, business owners, cxos, software developers & technologists.

Being 93 pages long, you can expect to commit a few hours of time to it if you’re really interested in learning how to make better video with your team of video services providers.

It covers 5 key areas:

1: Planning your video so it’s going to work

2: Getting the best price for what you want to achieve

3: Managing all your service providers so you’re not in the dark

4: Planning ahead, a video strategy if you will

5: Delivering everything in the languages of your choice.

Rather than wax on about how great Business Video Masterclass is, which is something all authors tend to do, I’ll pass you over to some remarks made by Adwords expert, Bryan Irving, when he first saw it.

Bryan said:

“Every person in business needs time more than anything else.

It’s the most basic resource.

Time is money

Your Masterclass is saving people money, but more importantly it’s saving them time.

If you can estimate and quantify the amount of time saved by receiving your expert advice, it will become a no-brainer to take up your Fill-Yer-Funnel offer once it’s launched.

My guess is that everyone’s implementation process is time-heavy and that there’s lots of ways it can be shortcut, like using Masterclass.

If a company’s new product is going to earn them £10K a week with a 40% margin, that’s £4K a week which is £800 a day.

If Masterclass saves them even a few days in getting it to market that’s time well spent.

The sooner someone can start customer-winning or click-winning with video, the sooner it starts to bring in a return on their investment in Masterclass time.

If it speeds up their sales cycle, again it saves them time.

The saying ‘there are never enough hours in the day’ is a description of a current situation/problem rather than the description of the solution.

Masterclass provides clarity plus structure plus timeliness

– which pretty much guarantees a successful outcome.

It’s the manager’s genius assistant.”

If you want to take a look at Business Video Masterclass, go here. It’s free.

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