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We’ve now launched the new Fill-yer-funnel workshop webpage.

A Fill-yer-funnel workshop is for any business planning a new video to win more website leads that doesn’t want to guess.

Many businesses still guess (all the time), translating their sales know-how into a marketing video script and starting from there. This is the best guess scenario.

The other route is to dream up an exciting visual idea and imagine it as a winner. But this is often just another form of guessing (though great lead-winning videos can often start this way)

As lead-generating video producers, at Studio Rossiter we think a bit differently.

We think winning more leads from online video is a process and a science, as much as an art.

Which is where a Fill-yer-funnel workshop comes in, as it’s custom designed for any business that needs more conversions & leads from site traffic.

Equally, you could also say that it’s for any business owner or marketer who’s fed up of seeing traffic come and go without a trace.

How do I know if I need a Fill-yer-funnel workshop?

You need to figure out exactly how effective your current webpage / landing page is.

Start by measuring your page conversion rates.

It takes a couple of minutes.

1: Measure your traffic to the sales page in question.

2: Measure how many visitors gave you their name & email

3: Calculate this as a percentage, ie, names / traffic x 100.

2% to 4% is considered not bad. This level of engagement will generate leads.

1% is too low and increasingly ineffective. If your page is 1% or less, be careful.

For the record, our best page generates 10% engagement, ie, 1 in 10 visitors tell us who they are, which is the gateway to our nurture sequence.

What does a Fill-yer-funnel workshop deliver?

In practice a Fill-yer-funnel workshop takes two hours, with four deliverables that include:

1 – An exact goal for your video to achieve.

2 – A near-final written script that’ll deliver your goal.

3 – An identified visual style that’ll beat your competitors.

4 – A page plan to display your video so more customers will act.

ie, a complete plan for winning more leads with video – instead of guessing.

Armed with your plan, you can confidently produce your next video, knowing it’ll win more leads than otherwise.

Still guessing? Check out the new Fill-yer-funnel webpage and see for yourself.

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