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Facewatch are having a big impact on crime in shopping centres, and are very happy with the presenter web video we just produced for them.

The video was made in conjunction with Greenfield PR, and Stuart Greenfield gave us the following testimonial:

“Good job, delivered on time, on budget. Worked remotely via telephone and web to good effect.”

The web video that we produced for Facewatch illustrates how their service has had – and is having – a positive impact on the fight against everyday low level crime.

Any business that’s registered with Facewatch can upload pictures or videos of crimes taking place, pictures of suspected criminals and individual crime reports to the Facewatch database.

This database can be accessed and referenced by any other registered business – allowing the free distribution of crime related issues to be viewed by any person or company that may have a similar concern.

The Facewatch Web Video

The web video uses a presenter to inform the viewer – that being any potential customer – of the benefits that the Facewatch system can bring to them.

It also informs them of how it works – letting them see how it can be used by the business of 2012.

And, of course, why they need to take it seriously.

This is combined with:

> Titles

> Animations

> Graphics

> And music

To create a web video that gives a viewing experience that’s both enjoyable and informative.

We would like to thank Stuart Greenfield for the testimonial and say that we are delighted that Facewatch likes the web video.

Click here to find out more about how a web video can help you deliver your business message.


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