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This is a post from our newest addition to the team, Shane, a Video Editor.

It’s taken a while to sink in but my first month at Studio Rossiter has made me realise just how lucky I am.

Leaving uni with a BA Honours in Film and TV and straight into the industry doing something I love, is the best start to any aspiring editors career, and Studio Rossiter has made that a reality for me.

Working here has changed what I thought of the phrase ‘corporate video’, its shown me all the stages of production that they do from scriptwriting, dealing with clients and of course editing.

With the company being such a tight knit group of pros, efficiency is top notch and it shows with the number of impressed clients, returning for more.

The project that was in the swing of things when I arrived was a training video for Lidl.

Since starting this we are all proud to have a new major client, and I was especially chuffed as this was the first time I felt the buzz from a job well done!

It’s evident that the company is growing even after 20 odd years, firstly because they have brought me into the picture and also the fact the phone is constantly ringing on most days.

I had three projects to my name when I arrived on my first day in the studio and knew I had my work cut out, but you know you are enjoying your work when it’s almost 6pm and its the first time you’ve looked at the clock all day.

University allowed me to become an amateur editor but working here I feel I’m on the path to becoming a professional storyteller, which is something the team here have helped me understand.

Trying not to go off topic, we use Adobe software in the studio, but having worked with Final Cut Pro throughout uni, I thought it would take me forever to learn a new program.

However, I have found it relatively easy to start using the different software, again because the team takes the time to explain all the little tricks to editing to make the best videos for happy clients.

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