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We have a new product!

A mini corporate video.

Something that will show the true scope and capability of your corporation and what it has to offer.

Just like every video we make, a high quality production is assured

Included with your video:

> A professional 1080HD video shoot

Using equipment such as:

> A steadicam

> A crane

> Top quality sound recording equipment

And everything else you would expect from a world class video production company.

The corporate world of 2015 has to make itself attractive to a new type of client and consumer base

The buyer of today has all of the information they need at the end of their fingertips – quite literally.

All they need is Google.

So how do you persuade them that it is you – and not your competitors – that can provide them with what they want?

That’s our job

Studio Rossiter will make – and keep – your target audience interested in what you have to offer.

Each mini corporate video is around two minutes long. A viewer doesn’t want or need anything longer.

They want to make an instant decision. It’s either a yes to what you have to offer or a click back to Google.

Our mini corporate video will show all of the benefits of your product or service within these two minutes.

How can we be so thorough in two minutes?

We believe that videos should be short, simple and concise.

A 5 to 6 minute film – the standard size for ‘corporate video production’ is too long for the web.

A viewer does not appreciate being overloaded with information – especially any that could be considered useless.

It’s quality – not quantity – that counts.

The use of graphics, voice-over and standard visuals means your message can be explained – in detail – over a short amount of time.

The key to a mini corporate video, is that it can be used as normal for presentations, in your foyer, or on DVD if you want. But importantly, it’s also perfect for your website.

For other video examples of this, look here.

Not only will Studio Rossiter provide the high standard that is needed for such an endeavour, they will do it in 3 – 4 weeks!

We have also embraced HTML 5 in our video player, which means the videos we produce can be played on just about any medium – including:

> PCs

> MACs

> Apple iPad

> Smartphones

And more!

Guiding you through the production process

Producing a mini corporate video may sound like a complicated process.

And it is – for us.

For you – the process will be easier than you think.

We know you will want to have as much involvement as possible. All scripts and storyboards will be approved by you before production starts.

And if you are involved in production, then we will provide a guiding hand at any time it is required.

A video director will coach and direct you, even if you’re naturally a good speaker, a little direction will go a long way. If a teleprompter is needed, then one will be provided.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and tell us how you want it to be.

For more information, please visit our Marketing Video page

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