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Videos about price and cost

Interviewer: At the moment, we're making a lot of videos about price and cost, why are you doing this at this particular time?

Kevin: I think customers are confused today about buying video because there are so many choices. Everybody knows they need one, they need 10. Everybody's thinking, "Oh, how can I afford this? How can I afford 10 of these?"

Price and cost have suddenly become issues and the truth is that people don't understand what makes up video price and cost. This applies whether you're buying the cheapest Toonly or automated video maker production, or whether you're going downtown and paying triple the market rate for the best talent that money can buy.

There is so much lack of understanding and because there's a lack of understanding, it just becomes a race to the cheapest price in the minds of some people - while other people are a bit more fearful thinking, "Hang on, if you buy the cheapest, you tend to get a mixed result.
You might not get the result that you want.

"Where does my company and its needs sit in terms of the whole spectrum?”

Do you get a freelancer? Yes, you can save money. There are some talented freelancers, but they're limited by their one-man band, one-person band knowledge. It doesn't matter to some people, it matters to others.

Other people want to go to a video company where there's actually a team and there's a pool of knowledge, but you're going to pay more. Are you really getting value for money and is what you're buying is good as they say it is?

Or you may just be an upper drawer customer who thinks, "Yes, I want to buy the best"
But on the other hand, I could contradict that by saying, "We're located in the Northwest, quite near the BBC." But I get London customers coming to us because they want London, but they don't want to pay London. Price is such a juggle.

Oh and let's not forget things like Lumen5 where you can chuck out instant blogs full of still images and narration. Powtoons, and I mentioned Toonly before, there's a ton of this stuff, so what does the customer do?

Need a price?

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See actual project costs of our best-selling video products.

Why guess? See what we charge.

What I've tried to do to solve this problem is to generate a series of videos that explain, in a fair-minded way, exactly what's involved with all these elements of price and cost. They are only short videos, the longest is seven minutes and the shortest is about three minutes.

So it's a very quick primer for anybody who's in the video market who, if they're honest with themselves, aren't really quite 100% sure as they'd like to say they are.

What can I get for my money? What do I get if I spend a little bit more, what do I get if I spend a little bit less?

Ultimately, how do I get the video that's fit for purpose for me and my long-term plans at the price that I can afford?

This is what I'm trying to help solve.


Author Kevin Rossiter has been producing business video for 30 years, won 14 awards, worked in many countries around the World, and is a regular blogger on business video topics.


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