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Meet the Producer: Audio interview: Software developers’ video packages

Interviewer: I noticed that recently on your software page you offer a Software Developer Video Package. Can you say a little bit about your thinking around the idea of bundling up many videos for a customer so that they've got a complete customer lifetime for themselves in mind?

Kevin: Got it. How many videos does a software technology company need? Now, it varies an awful lot, but I've got a way of looking at this and helping people define how many videos they may need so they can plan, because you want to look a year ahead. You could look three years ahead, but that's a long time in business. But just looking a year ahead, you want some idea of budget and the kind of time resources you're going to have to commit to getting it all done. Here's the watchword. The watchword is Win, Keep and Grow. Winning, keeping and growing.

Now, what that means is you have a customer with a lifetime value to you. It starts at the beginning where you've got to win them, and you use video to do that. Then you've got to keep them. Now, keeping the customer means getting them to adopt with your software or with your application, with your package, and adopting a smooth way from the initial onboarding and migration, or whatever is involved, to getting people trained up. You don't want them looking at some crummy tutorial and just hating it and hating you for it.

What you want is someone to think, "Oh, yes, this is a great new idea. You haven't upset my life. You've improved my life."

You've got to have the attitude of keeping a customer and having them love you. That comes through providing proper tutorials that are workflow-focused, problem solving for the customer, not just how to add a client, how to add an option, how to print a standard report. Yes, you can provide those things. You can make them yourself, actually. This is where you can save money. Just do those in-house if you've got the time, but you want to solve their problems.

If you don't know what their problems are, just go and check out all the emails you get and all the support calls you get, and just list them out for the last three months. You might have a long list, and then start categorizing them. You'll find that certain ones just stand out a mile. You're getting them all the time, and they're costing you time and money. If you're a smaller company, it means that one of your developers is on the phone. Instead of coding the latest version, they're too busy answering, "How do I customize in the way that I want?"


Key thing

You've got to make them love you, and you do it through workflow-based tutorials. Then in the customer lifetime, from winning, to keeping to growing you want to tell them about your new versions, your upgrades, other solutions they may want from you that run in parallel, just buy more of your stuff or buy more of your services, basically. Any video for that. Think about what lies ahead in this. If you know you've got Version 10 coming up in six months, budget for a video for it.

Similarly, user testimonials and case studies, they're hard to get, but if you can get them, they are gold dust, but they need making professionally. You don't want to go through all that trouble of getting a client to tell a fantastic case study that will win you a load of business and then for the video itself to be a disappointment. Because it won't impress anybody. It's going to cost you money and you need to plan for it.

Then the third thing you will need to grow is every chance to show that you are a thought leader, or an industry leader. Or if you're not already and you're looking to become a leader in your industry, you need a video to explain your thought leadership. Whatever that involves, whether it's a technology, or an attitude in building your company, or some global growth that you've done, doesn't matter what it is, you need to use video to position yourself as the leader.


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Quick recap

You need videos to win, so that's your homepage teaser video that gets them going. There'd be in-depth explainers or demos, and also access to your tutorials pre-sales so that potential customers can do their research. That'll get you winning customers, and you must have that. Then you need to think about how to keep them adopting and not abandoning your software. You'll usually do that with really great workflow tutorials, and then think about growing them in all the ways that I've just mentioned.


Author Kevin Rossiter has been producing business video for 30 years, won 14 awards, worked in many countries around the World, and is a regular blogger on business video topics.

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