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Meet Kevin.

He has made more business-to-business videos than anyone in the UK.

This means he’s been asked more questions by marketing managers and business owners than anyone too.

For 30 years, Kevin has been solving your business video problems, even if you’ve never met him.

He has met hundreds of executives who were convinced that when it comes to their company video they already knew it all. They just needed someone to do their bidding.

Kevin has trodden the minefield of committees and management groups. Thanks to them, the result has been 11 national awards for the excellence of his work.

And company pats on the back for hundreds of marketers and CEOs who followed his advices.

In that process, they learned what works in video, sometimes radically changing their opinion, other times making much better use of their resources and reputations.

Of course, all this took Kevin a lot of time. And travel. Thousands of meetings in the collaborative process to make great video that would win over customers.

Kevin’s older and wiser now. He still goes to meetings, still has to travel to meet the groups. But he’s decided to give video users something to first get them on the same page as him. To save everyone a bit of time and energy, and head scratching. Simplifying a complicated process.

Call it a video toolkit. A series of answers to common questions about how to make effective business videos.

Questions he’s answered in boardrooms and on factory floors. In China, Middle-East, the Americas, Europe and even Australia. Answers to startup owners and multinational media teams. To marketers, trainers, researchers, accountants, educators, even investors. To geeks and hardened professionals.

After thirty years, these answers apply to every industry sector because Kevin has worked in them all.

Some answers aren’t obvious. He probably wouldn’t still be in business if they were.

They are hard-won, the result of creativity, constraints, collaboration and dedicated application, of learning how to work with teams and, sometimes, very limited budgets. Of listening to the big vision and the tiny details and giving them equal consideration..

He’s had to win people over, just like you have to sometimes win over your customers.

All of these answers are now available to you, the video buyer, the person who has to make the right decision.

They help you make decisions. They shorten the time it takes to get a video made. They guarantee you’ll get a better result than last time.

They help you start new customer relationships on the right foot. Answers that will help you win new business with video. Train staff, induct contractors and support customers with video. Help you to make your sales, then to service them.

Business Video Q&A is free. Give it a try. Join industry colleagues who all want to make better video. Subscribe here for the series.

The answers are all on video, delivered as a series to your inbox. And if you ever have a question, Kevin is happy to help. Every video has a unique set of challenges and no-one wants to get it wrong. This is what Business Video Q&A was made for.

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