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As you may know, Studio Rossiter’s studio is not that far from the new Media City development in Salford, Manchester.

The most famous company to move there is, of course, the BBC – with Gary Barlow recently saying that the “New BBC buildings in Salford are incredible. So brilliant for Manchester and the North West.”

ITV have also announced that they intend to move their Granada studios – along with Coronation Street itself – to the new location.

So both large and small companies are relocating to this new “media Valhalla” – and they’re paying a fair price to do so.

But is it worth it? For the smaller companies – like those doing web and corporate video – will it pay? Will it help them grow?

Or do they just want to say they’re next to the BBC that Gary Barlow’s talking about.

Can Media City benefits corporate and web video startup companies?

Part of the Salford Quays regeneration program, Media City is a relatively new area.

According to its website, it plans to “become a leading international hub for the creative and digital sectors, and a vibrant destination to work, live and play.”

A lot of start-up businesses – from visual effects artists to sound designers, from web video to corporate video producers – have opened up offices there.

This group of companies are helping make the creative community that the planners of Media City envisioned.

But can a community like this produce growth? Some would argue that with everybody working alongside each other – and even with each other – that competition may become non-existent and innovation limited.

Whereas others would argue that a alliance of a few large media companies and numerous small media companies will benefit both Media City and the media industry of the whole of North West England.

That a collective such as this will enable an environment where start-ups can grow from the larger established companies outsourcing various company needs to them.

So is this good or bad news corporate and web video producers?

It depends on your investment and expected return.

If you’ve bought a place near media city and have found that your new prestigious address has created you customers, then it’s good news.

But, the truth is, people looking for web and corporate video aren’t looking for an address – they’re looking for quality. At the end of the day, the only address you need to show this is one for the web.

There’s a good chance that Media City will not be all it’s cracked up to be – that in 2012 the physical location of your production house is not important. After all, the world is connected in way that’s never been seen before.

So, will Media City benefit corporate and web video producers?

Only time will tell.

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