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A human generation is twenty five years.

A video generation is twenty five weeks.

In that time, whatever you did last is already out of date.

It’s all to do with rate of change.

The market has changed.

The audience has changed.

The product has changed.

In marketing, you’ve either kept up or stood still.

Neither is enough.

You need a better story.

Or your last story told better.

Just how authentic are you?

How innovative is your solution?

Why are all the others rising above you?

And prices plummeting?

The more believable your story, the better your margin.

Business video isn’t just a cluster of images.

It’s a coming to terms with change.

About how the world sees you.

About having a renewable business identity.

Updating your audience about yourself is what sustains their interest in what you have to offer.

It’s a show that must move on.

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