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Low budget animated safety video

A low budget animated 3D safety presenter video is the imaginative way to deliver a professional consistent repeatable memorable message.

Customised exactly to your Safe Systems of Work, your signage, your site, your rules, your workforce and your brand, a budget animated safety presenter video removes the tedium of boring briefings while keeping everyone’s attention focused onscreen where it counts.

As a H&S adviser you’re always conscious of the need to spend effectively, without frill, and still be fit-for-purpose

- while not insulting your workforce with barely-relevant cartoons that look like someone else’s site.

It’s a balancing act for you to consider - quality v price.

A low budget 3D animated safety presenter offers you a professional, cost-effective route to compliance training.

You can use it to exactly explain safety topics like risk assessment, slips & trips, fire safety, moving vehicles, manual handling, PPE, site access & security, emergency procedures, incident reporting & RIDDOR, hazard awareness (eg asbestos), COSHH, waste disposal, environmental issues, good neighbour policy, workplace stress, healthy lifestyle, food hygiene, DSE compliance, and more.

Because the cost is affordable, you can have an animated video for each of your permit issuing topics, such as hot work, heights, moving loads, excavation, confined spaces, use of equipment and so on.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, process, construction, petrochem, food processing, or an office environment, safety animation explains compliance quickly & simply, at low cost.

And it’s effective for both operatives and managers.

The package includes:

- a 3D animated safety presenter

- professional script by an experienced safety video scriptwriter

- storyboard & visuals to your approval

- professional top voiceover

- music & sound effects

- animated icons, images & captions

- 3 sample design layouts to your approval

- graphic backgrounds & scenes

- or you can use your own photographs, existing video or images, as preferred

- all set to your corporate or brand style

- and all animated, composited & edited to your approval in industry standard Adobe CC

- and delivered as 1080 HD video

- ready for intranet, youtube, with playback on any device.

Prices start from £1,404 for 5 minutes of finished budget animated video, which is around 675 words of script.

Translation into any language is fine. Just ask.

At Studio Rossiter we’ve long experience of producing safety video on virtually every topic and every industry around the World, in every language and alphabet.

We’re very accustomed to taking detailed, jargon-heavy briefings & powerpoints and turning them into smooth-flowing scripts that workforces listen to.

Visually we’re very good at taking boring images and breathing life into them, adding professional polish at every turn

- which partly explains why we’ve won 11 awards for our work.

With your animated 3D safety presenter video, you can now set a new visual standard in safety without breaking the bank.


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